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Kendall Family Genealogy of New England
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The Tracks We Leave...
has been published on the Internet since the year 2000. 

In those years a great many things have been learned, shared
and experienced via this website.

My father Dennis and I have enjoyed and appreciated all the Kendall family relatives who have contacted us, encouraged us,
and shared their own hard won research finds with us.
We both feel blessed and humbled to have been able to continue to share all the resources on this site for so many years.

For those of you who have been visiting The Tracks We Leave since our early days in cyberspace you have most likely noticed that the site
is no longer updated on a regular basis as it once was.
It is with great saddness that I tell you my father and best friend
was diagnosed with Alzhiemer's Disease in 2011.

While I was the main researcher and web mistress for this project,
it was my Dad who was truly the heart and spirit of all we accomplished.

Many of you without ever knowing it
brought him great joy through email, snail mail, etc.
I can say with the deepest gratitude to you all
that the twelve years prior to his diagnosis that were spent
researching our Kendall tree were the happiest I'd ever witnessed.

The Tracks We Leave...will continue to remain online
for the foreseeable future, but will no longer be updated.
That being said, I am still available to help researchers via email, but I beg your patience and understanding if I can not reply as quickly as I once did.
While I continue the research alone,
caring for both of my elderly parents is now the greatest priority.


If you are new to the site we hope your visit here will be informative, enlightening and of course helpful in your Kendall family research.

So, thanks for stopping in at The Tracks We Leave....  We wish you happy hunting in your pursuit of Kendall kin, and as always we welcome your thoughts, comments and suggestions so sign our Guestbook or drop us an E-mail!

Warmest regards~  CJ and Dennis

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