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The Tracks We Leave...
has been published on the Internet for some fifteen years now. 

If you are new to the site we hope your visit here will be informative, enlightening and of course helpful in your Kendall family research.

So, thanks for stopping in at The Tracks We Leave....  We wish you happy hunting in your pursuit of Kendall kin, and as always we welcome your thoughts, comments and suggestions so sign our Guestbook or drop us an E-mail!

Warmest regards~  CJ and Dennis

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  Our Journey Into Alzheimer's... and Team DWB

When my father retired from some 40 years of work, it was his desire to spend his new found freedom researching the family history. He and I spent twelve fabulous years doing research, photographing old family houses and headstones, corresponding with relatives and other researchers all over the world. In that time we pieced together the lives of over 9,000 individuals from just one branch of our family tree! We even put up this website to share our genealogy with family and researchers.

Those years for him were the happiest ones I'd ever witnessed; but now 5 years into his diagnosis they are all but lost to him and I am left alone to carry on the work.

The title of our website is "The Tracks We Leave...". We chose this because each and every individual person leaves a unique trail of tracks behind them for future generations to follow.

By joining the Alzheimer's walk in my fathers honor and that of other family members who were also victims of this disease I hope to leave tracks to a better future and a cure for those who come after me .

So I invite you to join us...
Unite in a movement to reclaim the future for millions. Join our team for the Alzheimer's Association Walk to End Alzheimer's®, the nation's largest event to raise awareness and funds to fight Alzheimer's disease. Together, we can advance research to treat and prevent Alzheimer's, and provide programs and support to improve the lives of millions of affected Americans.


Three years ago I started Team DWB in honor of my dad; not only to raise awareness of Alzheimer's disease but to show him how grateful I am for all the years of sacrifice he gave to me and our family; to show him that his life
and his memories are worth fighting for...

Team DWB participates in the
Worcester Massachusetts Alzheimer's Association Walk to End Alzheimer's®
each year because we're committed
to raising awareness and funds in the fight against the
nation’s sixth-leading cause of death.

The end of Alzheimer's starts with me — but I can’t do it alone.
Please help me reach my goal of $1,000.00 by making a tax-deductible donation. You can visit my personal fundraising page to make a secure credit card donation online or download and print the paper form on my page to mail in with a check. All donations benefit the care, support and research efforts of the
Alzheimer's Association — and every dollar makes a difference in this fight.
Thank you for your support ~ CJ
To Donate Please Visit My page:

Click the logo above to visit the Alzheimer's Association Massachusetts/New Hampshire Chapter