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Genealogy ~ UPDATED ~ Indexed/Searchable  Now over 9000 people! - added February 6, 2011 [Source file also updated]
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Cemetery Page ~

Hillcrest Cemetery, Litchfield, NH ~ Added May 27, 2009
Center Cemetery, Fitzwilliam, NH ~ Added May, 27, 2009
Riverside Cemetery, Royalston, MA~ Added May 13, 2009
Phillipston Center Cemetery, Phillipston, MA ~ Added May 13, 2009
Parker II Cemetery, Princeton, MA~ Added May 13, 2009
West Cemetery, Ashby, MA~ Added May 13, 2009
Parish Cemetery, Ashby, MA~ Added May 12, 2009
Glen Valley Cemetery, Barre, MA~ Added May 12, 2009
Crystal Lake Cemetery, Gardner, MA ~ Added May 12, 2009
Old Settler's Burial Field, Lancaster, MA ~ Added May, 12, 2009
Grove Cemetery, Holden MA~ Added May 11, 2009
Tewksbury MA Cemeteries ~ Added May 11, 2009
Brookside; Parish and Warren Cemeteries Hubbardston, MA~ Added May 8, 2009
Thompson Cemetery, Tyngsboro, MA ~ Added April 1, 2009
Old Parish Burial Ground, Templeton, MA ~ Added April 1, 2009
Chocksett Burial Ground, Sterling MA ~ Updated Feb. 3, 2009
Old Burial Ground, Gardner MA. ~ Added January 7, 2009
Glenwood Cemetery, Ashby MA ~ Added January 8, 2009
Green Bower Cemetery, Gardner MA~ Added January 8, 2009

We are overflowing with photographs of Kendall family headstones and gravemarkers, so it is our goal to post every one for you to view.
If you don't find who you are looking for on these pages please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to search the master file.
We are also working on converting the older cemetery pages
to a new gallery format to make viewing easier. 
So check back often to see the new postings!!! 
Mason Homestead ~ Historic home in Holden MA originally built and owned by a JJ Kendall.  First recorded use of  wall paper [1819] in Holden.  Added May 11, 2009
Kendall Cemetery ~ Abandoned family burial place in Tewksbury, MA finally located! Photographed and documented November 2009. ~ Added January 6, 2010
Polydactyly ~  The physical anomaly of extra fingers toes in the Kendall/Goss family lines.  Contributed by Ken Goss. ~ Added January 21, 2010.