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Francis Kendall, born about 1620, in Norfolk, England and his brother Thomas were the first of this Kendall line to sail to the New Colony.  They arrived on the shores of Massachusetts about 1640, settling in the town of Woburn (Charlestown).  Thomas later removed to the town of Reading, MA.

Francis Kendall married Mary Tidd on December 24, 1644. Together they had some nine children. These children in their adult years spread out across the New England landscape creating families of their own.

According to old town records, Francis Kendall, was by trade a miller. These records indicate that upon his death his dwelling house and half  the interest in his corn mill passed to the eldest son John.  The remaining interest appears to have already been given to sons Thomas, Samuel and Jacob.

Francis was also civic minded. Records tell us that he held the position of selectman for 18 years [1659-1688] and subscribed the town orders.  Francis was fined for being late to one such selectmen's meeting in 1674. He was also on the committee to lay out common lands in 1667.

The Kendall genealogy found in these pages mark the direct descendant line of Francis Kendall to the present day.  Efforts have been made to be as accurate as time and history will allow, but as with any large undertaking by imperfect humans, mistakes are bound to happen. This is a true labor of love for generations yet to come so please feel free to contact me with any corrections or additional facts you'd like to add.

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